What is a Women's Shelter?

Autonomous Women's Shelter

Protection against violence by men against women

It is often difficult to leave a violent situation when you are being physically and emotionally battered or oppressed by your husband/partner and or family.

You and your children can come and live at the Women's Shelter for as long as necessary. Only women and their children live and work in Women's Shelter. Except for some specific rules,all women determine their life and daily activities themselves.

The staff is there to support and counsel in all pressing decisions. These include:

What are my legal rights and how can I exercise them?

How can I financially support myself and my children?

How am I able to ensure that my children remain in my custody?

How can I ensure my residency status in Germany?

The Women's Shelter is not a state institution. We do not work for the authorities or the police. We work in your best interests. If possible, please bring your personal belongings and documents with you. It is especially important for you to bring your identification card, passport, marriage licence, electronic health forms …

You can find our phone number on this page. We are available 24 hours a day.